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About BarokLeaf

Barokleaf is a dynamic company offering a range of healthy leafy products for your kitchen table. Like the outgrowth from a plant stem we select the best leaves for our salads and ensure they are delivered to you fresh. Our salad items are harvested at our farm, delivered to our stockists and finally arrive at your table within 24 hours.
We hope you will enjoy our fantastic range of bagged salads, salad bowls, herbs and dressings.

Our History

About 10 years ago, as expatriates living in the Kingdom we realized that there was a need for fresh salad products which we were accustomed to. This gave birth to the beginnings of Barokleaf Company. Barokleaf is a family run British business which started in 2010 and operates in Saudi Arabia. We have experienced growth in these years driven by the positive changes in consumer buying habits towards a healthier lifestyle. We continue to grow and have ambitions to serve the entire Middle Eastern market and beyond.

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Our Products

Barokleaf Salad Bags (Classic Range)

Our salad bags are an excellent source of nutrition and being ready washed gives you the convenience to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Each bag has a generous helping of farm fresh ingredients carefully selected for quality.

Mixed Salad 280g

The Mixed Salad is our best seller combining crisp romaine lettuce, crunchy red cabbage and sweet carrot. This one comes out when you want a great reliable side with your main meal. Toss it in a bowl and you’re ready to go!

Garden Leaf Salad 200g

This one combines three fine leaves to give you natures best. Crisp romaine lettuce carefully balanced with delicate iceberg and peppery rocket. Serves well with grilled chicken and meat.

Caesars Salad 175g

No salad is as sought after as much as the Caesar himself. This salad contains the best romaine lettuce leaves from the farm served with crispy herbed croutons. Obviously great with caesar’s dressing and shavings of parmesan cheese (not provided).

Classic Coleslaw 325g

This packed bag has a large serving of mixed white cabbage and sweet carrot. A classic coleslaw when mixed with mayonnaise provides a great side for burgers!

Tri Colour Coleslaw 325g

An extra dimension is added to the classic coleslaw with crunchy red cabbage to give more bite with this packed bag. Some even cook this item with spices to give a vegetable side to any main dish.

Crunchy Salad 250g

If you’re looking for salad that satisfies all the family, then this one is great! Combining delicate iceberg, sweet carrot and crispy red cabbage to give that irresistible crunch!

Italian salad 175g

A great salad which combines crispy romaine lettuce with distinct radicchio lettuce to provide a perfect mix. Excellent when served with any pasta dish.

American 300g

This salad is fully packed by combining delicate iceberg, crisp romaine lettuce, red cabbage, sweet carrot and crunchy radish. A heavy salad which goes well with grilled chicken atop, served with any of your favourite dressings.

5 Leaf Salad 205g

The 5-leaf salad serves a beautiful mix of the finest leaves we have. Combining lollo rosso, lollo blondie, light butter leaf, crisp romaine and distinctive radicchio lettuce. Serves well as a summer salad accompanied with a french or balsamic vinegar dressing.

Beetroot Salad 200g

This bistro salad has a fantastic mix of baby spinach, crisp romaine lettuce, peppery rocket and sweet beetroot. A great accompaniment to any meat dish!

Barokleaf Salad Bags (Simply Range)

As the label says this range only contains one main item in the bag. Carefully selected to ensure you have the best ingredient for that special need.

Simply Rocket 125g

As the packet says, this bag simply has the best peppery rocket leaves ready to serve. Harvested from our farm, washed and ready to eat, this salad serves well with many traditional local dishes.

Simply Spinach 125g

We know cleaning spinach is a major chore from the leaf range. With our thorough cleaning process this bag packs in the best baby spinach leaves ready to serve or cook as a side dish. Great choice for juicers too!

Simply Carrot 325g

Carrots are known to be great for improving vision. Our simply carrot bag provides a generous helping of julienne cut sweet carrots.

Simply Iceberg 175g

A fresh crispy iceberg lettuce tastes great in sandwiches and burgers. This bag offers you the best leaves ready to eat and enjoy a very popular lettuce.

Barokleaf Herbs


This herb adds excellent flagrance to cooked dishes as well salads. Our coriander leaves are usually sourced locally to ensure they arrive fresh. Coriander, also known as cilantro, is a good source of vitamins and antioxidants. 


Parsley is used in many traditional mediterranean and middle eastern food dishes. Often used as a garnish, parsley is packed with vitamins, particularly vitamin K which is a good for bone health. 


A very popular herb used in salads and particularly meat dishes to add distinct flavour. Our mint leaves are sourced locally and provide a good source of vitamins and is often infused in tea to create the infamous mint tea. 


A widely used herb found locally has a unique flavour which is used in traditional recipes. Silk contains many beneficial nutrients and minerals. 


An aromatic herb which is often used with fish and yoghurt dishes is excellent for enhancing flavour. Dill has beneficial minerals and nutrients which can alleviate indigestion ailments. 

Spring Onion

A perfect accompaniment to any salad dish, spring onions are often used as a garnish. Much milder than the traditional onion, spring onions have very good blood sugar reducing properties as well as nutrients. 

Barokleaf Salad Bowls

Our salad bowls are designed for ultimate convenience. These are ready to eat salads with nutrient packed ingredients served with a complimenting dressing and spoon ready to eat wherever you are. Enjoy these as a healthy snack anytime!

Chicken Salad 300g

This is ready to go salad combining succulent grilled chicken slices, crisp romaine lettuce, crunchy red cabbage, sweet carrot, kidney beans, bell pepper, succulent cherry tomatoes, served with a creamy caesar’s dressing.

Tuna Salad 300g

This salad combines tuna, crisp romaine lettuce, crunchy red cabbage, sweet carrot, bell pepper, tangy red onion, sweet corn served with a distinctive balsamic dressing.

Egg 300g

The egg salad contains a mix of crisp romaine lettuce, crunchy red cabbage, bell pepper, sweet corn and succulent cherry tomatoes. This delicious bowl is served with a zesty Italian dressing.

Halloumi Cheese 300g

This salad bowl combines grilled slices of halloumi cheese with crisp romaine lettuce, crunchy red cabbage, sweet carrot, kidney beans and succulent cherry tomatoes. This healthy bowl is served with a zesty Italian dressing.


Our products are available in the main supermarkets throughout Riyadh and in Khobar in Saudi Arabia. We are beginning to supply the western region with our items now available in Madina.

This depends on the time of the year. Most of the items are from our farm and some from other local farms. When items are in shortage we rely on some imports.

Yes, we are a Saudi business, however we have partners that are British who run the business and own a majority share.

Well, you could do that, but selecting, cleaning and preparing is a major hassle. So for that convenience many customers buy Barokleaf salads.

Yes, absolutely! We love to hear from customers and maybe your idea could be posted on our website.

No, not all of our ingredients are organic but we are building a network of suppliers who are and we hope to offer an organic range in the future.

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