About Us

About BarokLeaf

Barokleaf is a dynamic company offering a range of healthy leafy products for your kitchen table. Like the outgrowth from a plant stem we select the best leaves for our salads and ensure they are delivered to you fresh. Our salad items are harvested at our farm, delivered to our stockists and finally arrive at your table within 24 hours.
We hope you will enjoy our fantastic range of bagged salads, salad bowls, herbs and dressings.

Our History

About 7 years ago, as expatriates living in the Kingdom we realized that there was a need for fresh salad products which we were accustomed to. This gave birth to the beginnings of Barokleaf Company. Barokleaf is a family run British business which started in 2010 and operates in Saudi Arabia. We have experienced growth in these years driven by the positive changes in consumer buying habits towards a healthier lifestyle. We continue to grow and have ambitions to serve the entire Middle Eastern market and beyond.

Guaranteed Freshness

At Barokleaf we are very careful to ensure that only the best leaves are selected and served in our products. We use a three-wash processing system to ensure leaves are thoroughly clean before being gently dried for optimum preservation. We use perforated, breathable bags so that the contents stay fresh longer. Our team includes UK trained and certified food preparation experts to maintain high levels of hygiene.
All our salads are washed and ready to eat for your convenience.

Why buy Barokleaf products?

As market leaders in Saudi Arabia for bagged salads you are assured with buying the best products that have a large loyal following. We ensure that our products delivered to you pass stringent quality standards of production. We are sure you will agree that enjoying the best that is delivered by nature with little interference is an excellent source of well-being.


As an expanding business, we are always looking for talented individuals who are committed to our aim of providing quality healthy products to our discerning customers.

If you believe you have what it takes to join our team then please send your most recent CV to the following email: careers@barokleaf.com

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